Paypal is an e-commerce business with the help of which people can transfer money as well as make payments online. Online money transfer is the alternative for sending checks or money orders. Paypal account is an acquirer which does the job of payment processing for the various auction websites, online shopping websites and other commercial purposes. Paypal also charges a particular amount for doing these transactions. The fee they charge depends on the type of currency used, the country of the person who is sending the money as well as the country of the person or the company which is receiving the money. In case the purchase is made through a credit card then, an extra amount will be charged. The charges of Paypal would also differ if the buyer and seller currencies are different.

Setting up a Paypal account:

Paypal account is a secure method of either transferring or receiving money online.
Many of the online transactions use Paypal for collecting money when you purchase anything. Some of the companies use login to pay their employees their salary. Paypal can be set up for personal use as well. It is extremely easy to pay money through Paypal account. All one needs to know is the email id which is used for login to the Paypal account. The popular online shopping website like eBay also prefers making payment through Paypal account.

• Open the web browser and in the address bar type
• On the right side of the page there is a sign up button. Click on it and choose the kind of account you want. If you want to create a personal account select personal account and click on start now button to start the sign up process.

paypal login
• Enter all the information asked for and then create your password. Read all the terms and conditions and click on I agree, create my account which is at the bottom of the web page.
This will then take you to the screen which will ask for your bank account information. This is necessary as only then can you send or receive money.

paypal account
• Give the name of your bank in the respective field; enter the type of accounting i.e., savings account or checking account. Then enter the bank routing number. This is mentioned at the bottom of the check. Then enter the bank account number.
• Once all these details are entered, click on the submit button. You will receive an email from Paypal in order to verify the information.

my paypal account
• Open the email account which was used to register for Paypal. In the email sent by Paypal, you will find a link. Click on this link and you will be taken to the verification screen. Here you will be asked to give the answer for the security question and also verify the information given prior to this. Once all this is done it means that your account is created successfully. You can now start sending or receiving money.

How to Accept Payments with PayPal

Setting up a Paypal account a very simple task and in the same way sending and receiving money through Paypal is also extremely simple. If it is for personal purpose one should have a personal Paypal account and if it for commercial purpose one should have a premier paypal account.

• In the web browser, login to
• Login to the account with the email id used for registering.
• You can use this account to send and receive payments. All you need to share with a person who is sending you the money is the email id which you use to login to the Paypal account.

Forgot Paypal Password?

Paypal is an online transaction method through which you can send and receive money. Money can be transferred all over the world in any kind of currency. The security system of Paypal is extremely secure and one can do their transactions without fear. But, it is important on your behalf to keep you’re my paypal account password safe.

What should be the characteristics of the Paypal account password? The password you give for my paypal account should meet certain specifications so that they are of high security range. It should have at least one uppercase letter, one numeric and one special character and a minimum of eight characters in length. For example your login account password can be “P@ssword”
If by any chance you have forgotten your password then you can call Paypal and ask them to unlock your account for you. They will ask you a series of questions which you have to answer. Only then will your account be unlocked.

You can request a new password with the help of an automated system. On the paypal home page click on “problems with login” and then you will have to enter the email id which you use for Paypal login. Enter the details in the image verification field and click on the continue button. Paypal will send a mail to your email id which will have the instruction on how to reset the password for you’re my paypal account.
When you click on the link sent to your email account it will ask you for the security question answer which you gave while creating the account. You can enter the new password and reconfirm it. But, it has to be in accordance to the specifications of Paypal and also it should not have been used as a password for paypal earlier.

How to contact Paypal customer Service?

• Paypal is a website that processes the payments of thousands of people across the globe. One can contact Paypal customer service through various ways. They can be contacted via phone and even through email.
• On the Paypal website, click on the Paypal help center and select the option you want to email them. After you login to you paypal account you will get a new screen.
• Select the topic and the sub topic which is related to your query and then write a summary of your query in a single line. Click on the continue button.
• In the next screen a form would appear and here fill any additional information that has to be given regarding your query and click on the continue button. Your query will be submitted to Paypal customer service and you can expect a reply from then anywhere between 24 to 72 hours of time.
• Paypal can also be contacted over phone. You can call on 1-402-935-2050 between 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. PST from Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday you can call between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. PST.